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Techs & Specs

VectraSonics Analog Mixing Console Overview

Console Overview:

Extremely High-Quality Construction.  High Definition Analog Design.  Minimized Audio Signal Path Circuit design.

  1. Stereo Mix and x8 Group Outlets employ full electrically-balanced summing buses with 0.1% tol feed-on resistors.
  2. The 1&2 mono and ¾ stereo au send buses are well-shielded, and are summed per bucket with a final high-level sum of buckets.

Any or all of these options can be fit. Multiple options are selected with dip shunts. A wide range of output transformers can be fitted for the 2520 and hybrid amps.

  1. Pin sockets allow a choice of any of the 2520 type compatible amplifier blocks.
  2. Hybrid audio IC/discrete transistor O/P stage design.
  3. Socket for any of the industry-standard balanced output ICs.
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