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Analog Mixing Consoles

Record, Overdub, and Mix with Purity and Distinction

The last mixing console you'll ever need

The 2200 is VectraSonics’ first analog mixing console. Record, overdub, and mix with more reliability than vintage equipment, and better sound quality than modern digital recording. 

“After a decade of using the Neve 8068 from Muscle Shoals Studios, I wanted to design and build an Analog Mixing Console that would meet or exceed the sound quality of the 8068 but provide the reliability and sonic improvements of higher quality components and a clean and simple signal path. Like many other engineers and producers, I wanted to optimize the abilities of Hybrid Mixing (In the box workstation and analog console processing paths). After more than three years of design and engineering with Fred Hill, I feel that we have reached our goals in providing a system design that is solid, reliable and flexible with inspiring sound quality and precision.” – Glenn Brown, Founder

Create the heart & soul of a studio you'll never wanna leave.


Our “No Compromise Approach” means the highest quality equipment with longevity and the purest sound. Do away with down-time because VectraSonics is made for reliability.

Take total control for more distinctive sound recording.


No one has the ability to tailor console configurations in the way we do. We offer customization options for total versatility at your fingertips.

Historic sound quality w/ modern day performance.


In a hyper-competitive industry you need distinction. Bring analogue back into your digital world, and take total control over your sound.

Finally... the analog mixing console you always dreamed of.

More reliability than vintage analog mixing consoles with better sound quality than modern digital recording.

Incredible Performance, Distinctive Quality

A long list of big names trust the reliability of electronics from VectraSonics creators Glenn Brown and Fred Hill. Their “no-compromise” approach has ushered in a new era of audio mixing: incredible performance with more distinctive sound quality.

Testimonial coming soon.
Gerard Smerek
Music Producer

Take Control

Most new gear on the market doesn’t provide the pure sound quality that you hoped. The cost of recording in a studio can be a hinderance and you may lack full control. 

If you’re trying to break through the market, and fine-tune a more authentic and high-quality sound, VectraSonics is priced affordably with all the appeal of vintage analog consoles but with the efficiency, performance, and reliability of modern-day equipment. Call us today