Techs & Specs

VectraSonics Analog Mixing Console Overview

Console Overview:

Extremely High-Quality Construction.  High Definition Analog Design.  Minimized Audio Signal Path Circuit design.

  • Console frame: machined aluminum.
  • System PCBs: traditional through-hole construction for total serviceability.
  • System Pots: quality Bourns 51 series units.
  • Switches: C&K/Shadow F-series, or EAO 19 series with gold-plated contacts.
  • ICs and Relays: mounted in machined-pin mil-grade gold-plated sockets.
  • Connectors: heavy gold-plated.
  • Greatly improved system efficiency with the advantages of analog regulation: PCBs employ local analog distributed voltage regulation. This provides the ultimate in power decoupling for all audio circuitry, while permitting the use of high efficiency switch mode power supplies for raw power.
  • High-Definition Low Noise Outputs:
  1. Stereo Mix and x8 Group Outlets employ full electrically-balanced summing buses with 0.1% tol feed-on resistors.
  2. The 1&2 mono and ¾ stereo au send buses are well-shielded, and are summed per bucket with a final high-level sum of buckets.
  • Configurable Front-End Mic Preamp and Equalizer Types: mounted in any standard 19” rack enclosure. We offer racks for Neve and API 500 series modules.
  • Console Openings: standard 19” rack mount configuration.
  • Console Path-Bay Connections: Most are via industry standard DB-25 cables.
  • Faders: 6.68” x 1.8” centers, to use standard available manual or automated faders
  • Routing Modules: mounted 8 channels in a custom 6U rack mount enclosure. Rack backplane PCB has daisy-chaining connectors for easy expansion.
  • Inline Track Monitor Style Routing Modules: Outputs to x8 group buses, x4 send buses, and stereo mix bus. Selectable solo-in-place or AFL solo modes for channels.
  • Monitor Fader/Path: create additional mix returns, channel post aux sends, or mix stem/bounce subgroups when the module is set up in mix mode.
  • Aux Sends: independently switch to be sourced from the channel path or from the monitor path.
  • High Voltage Supply Rails: ±24vdc allows for powering all formats, including VectraSonics custom center section and configurable group and aux bus amplifier Eurocard rack.
  • Configurable direct O/P path with provisions for three possible amplifier types.

Any or all of these options can be fit. Multiple options are selected with dip shunts. A wide range of output transformers can be fitted for the 2520 and hybrid amps.

  1. Pin sockets allow a choice of any of the 2520 type compatible amplifier blocks.
  2. Hybrid audio IC/discrete transistor O/P stage design.
  3. Socket for any of the industry-standard balanced output ICs.
  • Mix, Group, and Aux Send Line Output Functions: The same options offered for the direct outputs are also offered on Eurocards for the mix, group, and aux send line output functions. Additional line out Eurocard options include early Neve discrete class A and class AB, and a bal MOSFET hi-fi card. A wide range of output transformers can be fitted for these plug-in eurocards.
  • Mix, Group, and Aux Send Bus Preamp Functions: we offer a wide range of technologies packaged on plug-in eurocards. All bus preamp and line output cards can be easily exchanged for a wide range of sonics.
  • Channel Solo: AFL or solo-in-place, according to solo master mode selection. Solo-in-place cut operation is locked out for any channel set to record mode. This logic permits some modules to be set up in mix mode for use as track monitors with solo-in-place, while other modules are set up as record mode channels, without concern for the record data loss because the record channels are forced to operate in AFL mode.
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